7 Tips for getting low-calories food in a restaurant

Food is fun, but staying healthy is hard. Follow these quick tips to get the least calories in your restaurant’s diet!

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 Let’s face it – we all want someone to cook for us from time to time.

While it is not always possible to pay for a personal chef, going out for lunch allows us to get up and enjoy while someone else cooks delicious food for us.

However, if you do not know how to control your diet, there may be many factors that are not good for you. Restaurant meals often taste good because they contain many calories, such as butter, oils and sauces.

It is delicious and beautiful. However, this is usually not good for your waist.

According to a 2013 study, a restaurant should eat an average amount of fat, calories and sodium every day.

Here are some tips on reducing calories in your restaurant’s diet. We will help you to spend the night without regret in the morning. 

7 Tips on Getting Low Calorie Into Your Restaurant Diet.

1. Choose your salad options carefully.

Restaurant salads are great, but they can also make your food uncomfortable.

According to Spark People, some salads have more in the restaurant

More calories than two Big Macs.

How can this be possible ???

A lot of things in your salad can help you be satisfied. However, when these foods are high in sugar and fat, they can add calories quickly. Stay away from grilled chicken, candied fruit, cheese, tortillas, croutons and sour cream.

Often, salad dressing is the culprit of calories. Arrange a side dressing and reduce the calories and use the minimum.

Dip the fork in the dressing before dipping the spinach in the mouth. You can get a taste of it without overloading fat and sugar.

You can also try changing the salad dressing for salsa.

2. Don’t do dips.

It may be tempting to share a dip with the snack list. However, diving is often high in fat and calories. They will fill you before you arrive, but you will still feel pressured to eat your entrance.

Do you really need these double calories? In addition, chips, crackers, or bread served with sauce often do not have the nutritional value of high carbohydrate oils.

If you don’t have a snack, you can use raw or steamed seafood for a couple.

Raw salsa vegetables can keep your hands and mouth occupied, so don’t use unhealthy alternatives.

Ordering a salad before meals can help you consume less calories when you enter. Do not forget to avoid high-calorie fillings and dressings.

3. Change your sides.

The fries, coleslaw and mashed potatoes are delicious and they are a calorie nightmare. However, do you really want to go out to eat steamed side dishes of soy vegetables?

If you are in a chain restaurant or in a usual place where you will be offered ordinary American dishes, you should not order vegetables. You will be disappointed and instead eat your friends’ french fries.

Baked potatoes are always a good option for the restaurant side. A small amount of oil adds some good fat.

Better yet, spoon a little salsa on top. If you have stewed vegetables, using them as a topping of baked potatoes makes it even more delicious.

If you are in a high-quality farm-to-table restaurant, they have the potential to offer fantastic, funny and delicious vegetarian dishes. If so, ask them to triple the serving size.

We offer to pay extra for additional vegetables. They will not charge for excellent service.

I often replace potatoes or chor with an extra serving of vegetables, and I never had a problem!

4. Decrease your portion size.

The restaurant parts are known to be large, which is another cause of the country’s obesity epidemic.

We learned about this during a trip to the island of Bali in Indonesia. Their portion sizes are much smaller than we used. We felt hungry for the first week or two, but we adapted by eating the portion size served to us, it was very good!

Great portions of the restaurant give you a realistic feeling of what you want to eat. If you are the person who insists on cleaning your plate, you can eat more than you need.

Ask for a manual box when it comes to food. Suddenly put half of the food in the box. This will prevent your over eating.

You can also order a snack as a snack.

As long as you eat vegetables and heavy fried foods, you will consume only a few calories. You will not leave the restaurant, feeling that someone should kick you out.

5. Order water.

Calorie-rich drinks usually have low nutritional value. Instead of wasting your calories on something that doesn’t even fill you, order water.

If you think this is boring, dip a lemon or lemon in it. If you find it difficult to quit drinking, especially in a social situation, store pure alcohol and soda with lemon and / or lime.

This is my personal trip to restaurants and bars!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that tonic or diet soda is a good choice. According to Dr. Seuss, artificial sweeteners for diet sodas will help your body reduce fat and consume more sugar. According to Mr. Merkola.

6. Choose the right condiments.

Spices can ruin your diet.

Mayonnaise, ranch dressing, Caesar dressing, honey mustard and ketchup are all calories. Sugar is often added to spices, which increases the number of calories.

Low-calorie foods like mustard, vinegar and lemon juice give a lot of flavor without regret.

Stick to these spices whenever possible, and when all else fails, choose a simple mixture of salt and pepper.

This video gives great advice on seasonings without calories and spices. If you are not sure what kind of spice the restaurant can offer, bring your own

7. Check the menu before you go.

If possible, do a little research before you start the restaurant. Having a good idea of ​​what’s on the menu can help you decide what to customize before you go.

Preparing yourself to avoid last-minute addiction can help you prepare for a healthier option.

You can go on to ask about alternatives or preparation methods, however I can’t say I haven’t taken this one yet. You can usually find something.

Additionally, knowing what’s on the menu gives you the opportunity to skip places that don’t have low-calorie choices.

Finally, always make sure you have a plan!

If you need help in this area, be sure to check out our 21 Days Fat Loss Challenge.

When it comes time to make decisions, it comes with a list of specially approved and unapproved foods to make your life easier.

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