About Us

Who runs the WorldHealthyFoods?

Hey! My name is Joshap maxwel. With the help of my university Life, I do a show here at World Healthy Foods.

For my final year project I am doing a research on healthy foods around the world. While doing my research I thought that my details which I found hardly for my research will be help to millions of people. So I’m 100% sure this website will be very helpful you to make your life healthy. Specially I’m focusing on healthy living, weight loss, weight gain, Supplements and Nutrition Facts categories in my website.

My health journey really started when I was first year in my university. My restroom was next to the gym and I was really in love with the running. I started drinking non-dairy alternatives, and I wanted to learn something about healthy eating.

A few months later, I became a hardcore vegetarian. After living that lifestyle for almost few months. I slowly got out of it, however I never went back to the dairy stuff.

I love to browse health books, I love learning regarding and attempting completely different diets

On the fitness side, I still have a passion for running. But I now do more as a way of meditation. I like to include my headphones, listen to music that gives me a great experience and hit the sidewalk. But one thing I love more than running is yoga.

I entered yoga a few months ago and this is the best way to stay healthy and aesthetic. I honestly love the constant challenge that yoga brings. This always challenged and the strength and flexibility involved allows you to see your progress in real time.

As you can see, I have been passionate about health, wellness and fitness for most of my life.

Why I Start the world Healthy foods?

I create and share scientifically proven information about the benefits of healthy eating. With my personal support people need to eat the healthiest, easiest, fastest and most affordable foods.

My only goal is to discover the joys and benefits of healthy eating. I hope that my independent vision will help people of all ages. With my help they will know to live with a clear and informed understanding. Also how to achieve and maintain physical, mental and social well-being.

I believe that true health is greater than the absence of disease. It is the state of life, enjoying the energy, the energy and the blessings of life. One of the keys to staying healthy is to harness the power of healthy foods to positively impact your emotions, energy content, longevity and quality of life.

There is clear and compelling scientific evidence that good nutrition plays an important role in reducing the risk of devastating diseases and ensuring long-term health and longevity.

I believe that eating is not only healthy, but also informs the joys of eating and the joy of communicating with others. I don’t try to integrate everyone into the same “nutrition formula”. That way, anyone can find personal information, recipes, recipes, and menu plans to suit their needs.

My mission is to provide up-to-date scientific information about the world’s healthiest foods and the benefits of the specific nutrients they provide. It is equally important to provide a practical, easy and affordable way to use them according to your personal lifestyle.

My approach is to help you use the power of food to maintain health, maintain and prevent disease. As I dedicate my lives to discovering and understanding the benefits of healthy eating, I want to share this knowledge with you. My aim is to shed light on the benefits and real pleasures of healthy eating.